Studio A Rental


Studio A at Young Avenue Sound is a large, versatile space featuring a 60-120 neutreless electrical grid, separate from the building's normal power. With two separate and distinct tracking spaces and two floated booths, many possibilities for isolation or live recording afford artists the freedom of choices. Pro Tools 10 with Lynx converters, a Neve VR36 console with Martin Flying Faders and an API 1604 sidecar provide the ideal hybrid analog/digital recording environment for engineers and producers. 

With over 3,000 square feet of space, Studio A at Young Avenue Sound offers rental clients options for workshops, small parties and other events. Just fill out the form below and let us know what you need. We are happy to help.

Event Rental


Downstairs, Studio B and the common areas are available for rent to host your special event. With multiple vignettes, backdrops, funky furniture, and great mood lighting, Young Avenue Sound is stylish enough for any occasion.

Recent events held in our studio have included marketing parties, workshops, screenings, art openings, and fundraisers.

If you require equipment or setup, please provide details in the form below.

Office Rental


Upstairs, we have 2,000 square feet of office space available for 6 month or year leases. The space features a total of 4 offices with hardwood floors and two either conference rooms or waiting areas along with 2 bathrooms, 2 closets and 2 copy/admin/storage rooms. Full of midtown charm, this space is ideal for attorneys, graphic designers, visual artist studios, writers, etc.

Our space includes Comcast business class internet and utilities paid-for in the lease. Since we have 2 recording studios downstairs, we ask that interested upstairs tenants use the space strictly for office space (shhh).

On-Location Filming


Ranging from Music videos, to documentaries, to commercials for new products such as Musistic, Young Avenue Sound lends itself well to productions of all shapes and sizes and can even offer audio, post production capabilities. Come visit us to see if our space is right for your project.

We also work closely with ad agencies, film scorers, location scouts and other local film/video resources. Just fill out the form below, and we will get back to you in short order.


For more details, rental fees, and any additional questions, please contact us at (901) 729-9348, send an email or fill out the form below.



All areas in white are common or admin areas.


  1. Patio
  2. Studio B Control Room
  3. Studio B Tracking Space
  4. Studio B Tracking Space
  5. Kitchen
  6. Studio B Editing Suite
  7. Lobby
  8. Bathroom
  9. Studio A Control Room
  10. Studio A Tracking Space
  11. Studio A Storage
  12. Studio A Tech Room
  13. Studio A Tracking Space (2 stories)
  14. Studio A Booth
  15. Bathrooms
  16. Office


  1. Office 
  2. Bathroom
  3. Office 
  4. Bathroom
  5. Office 
  6. Office 
  7. Admin Storage
  8. Office 
  9. Office 
  10. Admin Storage
  11. Conference Room
  12. Office
  13. Studio A Tracking Space 

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