Founded in 2001 by Donald Mann and Cameron Mann, Young Avenue Sound was built with a mission in mind: to offer musicians a great place to create, to provide a space that inspires possibilities, and to equip people with resources to accomplish just about anything the mind can imagine. 




Basing the studio in the historic Cooper Young neighborhood in Memphis, TN was no accident either. The Cooper Young historic district has been been the place that artists have called home for decades whether it be filmmakers such as Robert Gordan, iconic musicians such as Jay Reatard, and even Johnny Cash, who performed his first show at the corner of Walker and Cooper.

It has always been the people who have made the neighborhood, and likewise, it’s the people who make the studio. Engineers and producers such as Calvin LauberKevin Houston, James Joseph, Kevin Cubbins, Scott Hardin, Elliott Ives, Leo Goff, Will Deshazo, Curry Weber, and Isaac Daniel are regulars behind the board here and offer something more important than any space or gear and offer: soul, passion, and expertise to make every recording they touch something special.

Walking distance from coffee shops, restaurants, book stores, Growler stores, and crafts people, Young Avenue Sound is more than just a space to record. It’s a place that every artist makes their own home while they are there. 

The studio is simply the medium. You are the message.



The studio was designed by Alan Stewart of Windsor, UK. Alan is well known in the world of studio design and acoustics, having designed personal studios for Pink Floyd, Electric Lady for Jimi Hendrix and the Penthouse Suite for Abbey Rd in London, UK.

2258 Young Avenue has been many things over the years from a dry goods store for the neighborhood in the early part of the 20th century, to a meat and three restaurant in the 50’s and 60’s, having had a brief stint as a night club, and more recently was a photography studio and a gym. With wide open spaces downstairs, the space easily lent itself to creative acoustic design work.

Young Avenue Sound has been operating as a recording studio for over 15 years, and is in the midst of evolving into something more, adapting to its surroundings in historic Memphis, TN and keeping pace with a rapidly changing industry for creatives.

In early 2017, owner Cameron Mann partnered with Calvin Lauber, who is now Studio A's lead engineer and booking manager. Calvin has worked with up and coming local artists such as Julien Baker, The Band Camino, China Gate, as well as regional artists from Nashville and beyond. 


All areas in white are common or admin areas.


  1. Patio
  2. Studio B Control Room
  3. Studio B Tracking Space
  4. Studio B Tracking Space
  5. Kitchen
  6. Studio B Editing Suite
  7. Lobby
  8. Bathroom
  9. Studio A Control Room
  10. Studio A Tracking Space
  11. Studio A Storage
  12. Studio A Tech Room
  13. Studio A Tracking Space (2 stories)
  14. Studio A Booth
  15. Bathrooms
  16. Office


  1. Office 
  2. Bathroom
  3. Office 
  4. Bathroom
  5. Office 
  6. Office 
  7. Admin Storage
  8. Office 
  9. Office 
  10. Admin Storage
  11. Conference Room
  12. Office
  13. Studio A Tracking Space (2 stories)