Young Avenue Sound is an incredible creative space for me. I have always been able to find magic there. Whether it is a hit song, a great drum sound, or a pot of Skip’s famous Soul Stew, the Mann family has always made me feel right at home.
— Cody Dickinson of North Mississippi Allstars
It has been said that the finest sparks of creativity are born in the finest moments of solitude. I have found time and time again, Young Avenue Sound to be a true Fortress of Solitude. It is a place steeped in the old school studio traditions and etiquette that were first-hand taught and passed down by studio legends Don Mann and Skip McQuinn, traditions and etiquette that are steadfastly maintained to this day by Cameron Mann and Elliot Ives. Be it recording w/ my band Lucero or producing others I always find great solace in the Fortress of Solitude that is Young Avenue Sound.
— John C Stubblefield of Lucero
Young Avenue Sound is by far one of the best studios in Memphis, TN. I recommend anyone to check out the space if you haven’t had the experience to work in this environment!
— Isaac Daniel, Engineer/Producer Memphis Slim House and Stax/Soulsville Music Academy
I have worked for years and years at Young Ave Sound. Mostly collaborating with Kevin Cubbins on numerous projects including Snowglobe, Antenna Shoes, Oh No Oh My, Film Scores and wild sonic experiments. The equipment (enough Neve and API consoles, Studer Tape Machines, and Neuman Mics to make Tape Op jealous) is only surpassed by the vibe. Young Ave Sound is a very comfortable place to get lost in creating. Turn it up LOUD!
— Tim Regan, Musician/Producer
It’s like the “Cheers” of studios once you get inside….when Armageddon goes down, I want to be at Young Avenue Sound.
— Will Deshazo, Producer/Fast Planet